Field Study – How Can a Squirrel Wreak Havoc on Your Sewer Line?

Squirrel eating a nut
Littleton, CO

Here in Colorado, we typically expect to see cute little squirrels scurrying up trees or bounding from rooftop to rooftop on a daily basis. What we may not expect is for those furry critters to cause sewer line backups, but it’s certainly possible. Case in point: Our technicians recently completed an extensive jetting job for a large townhouse complex in Denver. While the property management company scheduled this jetting for maintenance, many of the residents were experiencing slow drains and occasional backups. Jetting is a very effective service, but particularly effective in this case as the process revealed an unexpected blockage. Turns out, a mischievous (and unfortunate) squirrel found its way into a sewer line through an uncovered roof vent. The lesson? It’s a good idea to cover the roof vents with a screen to prevent rocks, debris or other hazardous materials (or critters) from entering your sewer line, especially if the roof is flat and/or the vents are short. As for our customer, their drains are now running smoothly and are critter-free (R.I.P. curious squirrel).


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