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Brianna Clouse
Brianna Clouse 1.0

Another bad Sean Ferris (VP/ Owner) review on a mainline replacement (Estimated $18,000+ Insurance job.) On November 9, 2023 Priority Plumbing and Heating Littleton was hired to replace and install a new mainline on our property by my home warranty ...company (HomeServe.) They acted in several negligent ways, did not complete the job they were paid to perform, destroyed my front yard, sprinkler lines and electrical. When we raised the concerns to Sean - Sean Ferris, told us to kick rocks and that our concerns were not his issue. We were persistent and knew this job was not done correctly. He continues to give us the run around for 6 months, he was conveniently always in a "meeting." After paying a 3rd party to scope out and make note of all the things Priority Plumbing and Heating did wrong, they told me it would be $18k+ to fix their mistakes. I had a demand letter written up to get them to pay attention to the issues that I had complained about for 6 months. Things they did wrong: - Did not backfill our soil causing a sinking trench. - Cut all of our sprinkler lines/ electrical and buried them. - Failed to replace our mainline in its entirely, left with severe root intrusion. - Failed to clean up - left old clay pipe strung along our front yard. - Clean out caps were below ground level, improperly glued and secured. Fast forward May 2024 - Priority Plumbing and heating said they would replace the rest of the line that they failed to replace the first time, clean up the trash they left, back fill our soil that was sinking into a trench, and get someone to fix our sprinkler lines/ electrical. Once Sean and his crew came to fix their original issues - his crew member showed us that our mainline was leaking sewage into our front yard for six months from. Sean never mentioned anything to us other than everything looks great. Now its a month later - Sean Ferris wont return my phone calls about getting our sprinkler lines/ electrical fixed, he continues to be in "meetings" Seans' motto is - we were paid to replace the line and thats it. If we break it, its not our issue. Spent over $4,000 to get my sprinkler lines and electrical fixed + had to pay to get my line scoped by a third party. Spent 6 months trying to get them to fix their mistakes. Avoid at all costs this has been a horrible situation and horrible company to deal with. I believe the only reason they came back was because HomeServe was made aware Priority Plumbing and Heating did not perform the job in its entirety that they were paid to do. IF not for that, I would still have sewage leaking into my yard, a sinking trench etc. AVOID at all costs and do your research.Read More...

Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker 1.0

Asked them to fix something specific, they replaced something else. Did not correct the reason I called them out.

Ambur Ray
Ambur Ray 5.0

Main drain was clogged and flooded the basement, Levi P helped us out today, was here within 30 minutes of calling and fixed the issues with no problem at all! He was very kind and great with explaining what caused the issues and gave multiple solutions ...to prevent it from happening again. Thank you so much Levi! We really appreciate you and the service you provided!Read More...

Sandy Anderson
Sandy Anderson 5.0

Tate from Colorado Springs Priority Plumbing & Heating was very professional & courteous and he showed up right on time. I felt extremely confident in his abilities and he did a thorough job fixing my plumbing issue. He explained what he was doing and ...showed me photos upon completion. I highly recommend Tate from Priority Plumbing & Heating. Thank You Tate.Read More...

Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson 5.0

Josh was great to work with. He arrived on time, walked us through our options and was upfront about pricing. I would definitely recommend Josh to family and friends.

Melody Montano
Melody Montano 5.0

Tony J. Was amazing came out and my problem was fixed in 5 minutes. Not to mention the time he took answering my questions and providing knowledge from his years of experience. I would highly recommend Priority Plumbing and Heating.

Brenda Ostermann
Brenda Ostermann 1.0

My mom needed her garbage disposal and a clogged pipe fixed. She has a contract through HomeServe with Excel Energy. They sent a plumber from Priority. He came and checked things out. Then he said I needed to go to my car to look at your coverage(We ...already knew the garbage disposal was not covered and we were prepared to pay out of pocket). He never came back in and he left without saying a word! Very poor customer service!! And come to find out after we made some calls to Priority to complain, they were going to charge double from other quotes we had gotten to come back and fix it!! Don't waste your time!Read More...

Susanne Hoffman
Susanne Hoffman 5.0

Alex did an amazing job was very efficient and helped us with making sure the showerhead was working with the best pressure as well. Would recommend to anybody!

Teressa B
Teressa B 5.0

Romy was amazing. He was very helpful and fixed my hot water heater quickly. He was also very kind and showed me what was wrong and explained what he did. I highly recommend him.

Matt Vella
Matt Vella 5.0

Tony J at priority plumbing and heating went above and beyond to take care of me. After months of dealing with subpar plumbers and the HOA I finally got Tony J at priory plumbing to complete the job. He was very knowledgeable and efficient. His customer ...service skills were also excellent. He was completely transparent with me on pricing and came up with a reasonable price for the work he did. He was also very fast and efficient. I will not waste my time calling a different company ever again and I would recommend you do the same, if you want the job done right the first time.Read More...

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