When facing any sort of drain-related issues, you may have come across the term “clean-out.” Perhaps you were asked if you have an “outside clean-out” when you called a drain cleaning company to address your problem. This makes sense because a clean-out essentially provides easy access to your sewer line. When it’s located on the exterior of your house, a technician can cable or jet your sewer line without having to drag equipment or machines through the interior of your house. When a customer has a clean-out, servicing a sewer line is a much easier undertaking. If your current sewer line doesn’t have a clean-out, Priority Drain & Sewer can install one for you. It will be discreetly disguised with a small cap. If you have any questions about clean-out installation, give us a call. We’d be happy to provide an assessment and estimate tailored to your needs.

Noodles in sink drain line

At Priority Drain & Sewer, we’ve seen a myriad of plumbing problems related to garbage disposals. More often than not, we find that this little kitchen appliance is misunderstood and misused. Contrary to popular belief, the garbage disposal is NOT really a garbage can. When we think of people all across America scrapping dinner leftovers into the sink, it’s hard not to cringe. While the disposal can handle small amounts of scraps and food debris, they are definitely asked to go above and beyond their functionality on a daily basis. Think about it: When you shove pasta, vegetables, and meat down your disposal, you’re asking it to completely liquify the items and then you’re asking your plumbing to facilitate the departure of this liquefied mess. Neither your disposal nor your plumbing is designed to handle this scenario. When food scraps build-up in your plumbing, clogs are pretty much inevitable. Some common culprits are eggshells, fruits and vegetables, and noodles. Keep in mind, even a handful of veggie/fruit pulp, from juicing, for example, can clog your line. Tip: When you put food scraps down the garbage disposal, keep the amount very minimal, run the water and turn the disposal on BEFORE scraping and keep the water running for a few seconds after you turn the disposal off.

Squirrel eating a nut
Littleton, CO

Here in Colorado, we typically expect to see cute little squirrels scurrying up trees or bounding from rooftop to rooftop on a daily basis. What we may not expect is for those furry critters to cause sewer line backups, but it’s certainly possible. Case in point: Our technicians recently completed an extensive jetting job for a large townhouse complex in Denver. While the property management company scheduled this jetting for maintenance, many of the residents were experiencing slow drains and occasional backups. Jetting is a very effective service, but particularly effective in this case as the process revealed an unexpected blockage. Turns out, a mischievous (and unfortunate) squirrel found its way into a sewer line through an uncovered roof vent. The lesson? It’s a good idea to cover the roof vents with a screen to prevent rocks, debris or other hazardous materials (or critters) from entering your sewer line, especially if the roof is flat and/or the vents are short. As for our customer, their drains are now running smoothly and are critter-free (R.I.P. curious squirrel).

Littleton, CO

The owner of a new home in Littleton called us because his sewage ejection pump was not working correctly. He was concerned that the pump needed to be replaced. Some may not suspect a sewer line issue because of the age of the home, but even new construction can present problems if the installation of the sewer line was not done properly. Upon camera inspection, we found that Read more

Denver, CO

A homeowner in the Observatory Park neighborhood of Denver called us when the drains in his historic home started backing up. When we inspected the sewer line with a camera, we found that, like many older homes throughout Denver, this home had significantly aged clay pipes with severe root intrusion. Read more

Centennial, CO

A homeowner in Centennial, CO called us because she was aware of damage to her sewer line due to a previous camera inspection. Although she wasn’t experiencing back-ups, she noticed that several of her neighbors were having their sewer lines replaced and wisely wanted to get ahead of any potential problems. Read more