Field Study – In Your Neighborhood: Residential Main Line Repair Through Trenchless Technology

Centennial, CO

A homeowner in Centennial, CO called us because she was aware of damage to her sewer line due to a previous camera inspection. Although she wasn’t experiencing back-ups, she noticed that several of her neighbors were having their sewer lines replaced and wisely wanted to get ahead of any potential problems.

When we performed a camera inspection, we confirmed that she had several breaks in her 40+ year-old clay line, as well as significant root intrusion. Since we didn’t notice any bellies in her line, we were able to complete the repair using pipe bursting technology. We started the process at the cast iron-to-clay transition, about 3’ outside of the home, and ended at the city tap in the street. Pipe bursting enabled us to replace her clay line with plastic pipe that was fused together. All of this while causing minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and leaving her beautiful yard untouched. We also installed cleanouts to ensure easy access for future sewer line maintenance. Our customer was thrilled with the results and even more impressed when she learned how much her neighbors paid for similar repairs. Although pipe bursting was the best option, in this case, it is not always the best solution. Each situation is unique and poses its own challenges. At Priority Plumbing and Heating, we evaluate problems thoroughly and develop a plan that is best suited for each case.

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